Sell and Exchange Gift Cards for Naira the Easy Way

The last few years have witnessed an increase in the trend where people trade gift cards for cash. According to statistics from Business wire, the gift cards industry in Nigeria is expected to hit $2111.6 million in 2024. The primary constraint people have when looking for where to trade gift cards is getting a platform that offers a seamless trading experience.

This is where CardVest aims to bridge the gap by providing a platform where customers have full autonomy concerning their trades.

Sell and Exchange Gift Cards for Naira the Easy Way

If you have ever asked questions like “where can I sell my gift card for cash instantly?”, CardVest app is the ideal platform to exchange gift card for naira.

In case you are wondering what the perks are, here is what you need to know about CardVest App.

  1. Assured Security: No one wants to be scammed of their hard-earned cash. This is why people put in extra checks to verify if a platform is safe for trading or not. CardVest App has a tight security system that keeps fraudsters at bay.
    You can be sure that your transactions and financial details cannot be tampered with. The security team at CardVest works round the clock to ensure that possible forms of fraud are evaded.
  2. Good customer service: The fact is enquiries and requests are unavoidable. CardVest has proved its clairvoyance again by providing a robust customer support system to serve all customers. So, for questions on how to verify your card, rates, and the likes, CardVest’s customer support has you covered.
  3. Instant Transactions: There are no delays when you want to sell and exchange gift cards for naira on CardVest. The only phase you need to pass through is the card verification phase. Once it is verified, payment is processed instantly.

CardVest understands that time is precious to everyone, and providing instant transactions is the brand’s way of helping customers save time.

  1. Updated rates: CardVest saves you the stress of searching current rates each time you want to trade gift cards online instantly. When you login to trade, the rates are calculated and displayed for each gift card. This is one of CardVest’s little way of providing customers with premium gratification.
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How to Sell Gift Cards in Nigeria at Best Rates

Trading on CardVest is easy-peasy; here are the steps to get you started.

  • Click on “Trade Now,” which leads you to the Sign Up page, where you fill in your details.
  • Select The Gift Card Category and choose the exact Gift Card.
  • Enter the amount in USD
  • Enter the Trade details and proceed to place your order
  • Enter your card details and wait for a few seconds for confirmation
  • You will be credited immediately your card is confirmed

Alternatively, you can download the app, and follow the steps above

Trade Gift Cards for Cash with CardVest

If you are wondering how to trade gift cards for cash without hassles, you can get started with CardVest. With the CardVest application, which has a user-friendly interface, you can conduct multiple trades within a short time. There are no limits when trading on CardVest, and the customer support is always available to provide help in any way.

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